Seasons And Their Speciality

All about changing seasons and songs, dances, festivals, etc

Summer in India

Summer season, lasting from April to June (April to July in northwestern India). In western and southern regions, the hottest month is April; for northern regions, May is the hottest month. Temperatures average around 32–40 °C (90–104 °F) in most of the interior.


June being a summer month, the zaid crops a harvested and so the celebration begins with the Solung Festival. It is mainly celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh. Solung celebration continues for five days, first day is called, 'Solung-Gidi Dogin' or the day of preparations, second and the main day of the celebration is called Doreph-Long (the day of animal sacrifice), third day is 'Binnayat Binam' or worshipping the goddess of plenty and prosperity. Fourth day is Yaktor of Ekoph when the villagers remains busy preparing bows and arrows and other weapons of war. On the fifth day the Miri (religious leader or priest) is given a ceremonial send off when the girl's sing and dance. During Solung festival, every evening the Miri sings 'Solung Abung' and through the song he relates the stories about the origin of man, animals and plants, ancestry of the Adis, lives and deeds of the Adi Heroes. Now-a-days in some places, the festival is celebrated with a three day programme. Solung is celebrated to reap a rich harvest after sowing of seeds and transplantation of paddy plants, to raise more mithuns and pigs and also to be free from natural calamities, fire, accidents, diseases etc.

Some of the moments from this celebration

Autumn In india

Autumn season in India lasts from August to November wherein the weather is very pleasant as it is the ending of and beginning of winters.


In the autumn festival of Durga Puja, Hindus observe 10 days of ceremonies, rituals, fasts, feasts, song and dance in honor of the supreme mother goddess Durga. Many other festivals like Diwali, Dussehra and Pratyushan Parva are celebrated during the autumn season.