Argentina Culture

By Dion Pinkard

Dear Reader

Dear reader,

Argentina is the second largest country in South America. It is a Spanish dominant country (Basically everyone speaks Spanish) but there is still 40 languages that aren't very common. It is a country largely influenced by Italian, Spain, other European immigration cultures. Argentina is well known for sports like futbol. Even though their national sport is pato (handle ball game on horseback, and not very popular) futbol is the most popular sport in Argentina.


Argentina has the same "default" eating schedule as America. They eat breakfast in the morning, lunch in the evening, and dinner at night. But the type of food is way different than "American" food. They eat all types of pasta, sausage, and dessert dishes. They also have a wide variety of Criollo. It's basically a created meal that includes empanadas (a stuffed pastry), locro (which is a mixture of corn, beans, meat, bacon, onion, and gourd), humitas (corn slowly steamed in a pot of water), and yerba ma


Argentina has at least 40 different spoken languages, but the main language that everyone speaks is Spanish. It's slightly different from mexico's version of Spanish. It would be like America's english to England's english. They're both the same but use some words differently. Their type of Spanish that they speak would be named "Argentine Spanish".


They're multiple religions in Argentina, but 92% of the population is Roman Catholic. Other known religions are Muslim, Jewish, and Christian. Overall only 24% of those people attend church regularly and around 11% of Argentine's are non-religious (including those who believe in God but aren't religious).