September Tappenings


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Newsletter Contents:

  • Introducing Miss Marley!
  • Calendar
  • Spirit Week
  • What We're Learning in Class
  • What We Learned in August
  • Tap Class Standards
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Introducing Miss Marley!

Kindergarten Rhythm & Dance Instructor

Marley Elconin began taking ballet lessons at the age of 5 and fell in love with dance and movement. She trained at Alaska Dance Theatre until graduating high school, taking ballet, jazz, tap, modern and acrobatics. Miss Marley began tapping her feet at the age of 7 when she started Irish dancing with Northern Lights Celtic Dancers. She did Irish dance for 7 years, and after she stopped she began tapping at Alaska Dance Theatre. In addition to dance, she has experience in musical theatre from performing in Jesus Christ Superstar (2013) and Pippin (2014) with Theatre Artists United and Into the Woods (2016) with East High School. She’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at UAA and she hopes to eventually get her masters in Public Health. Miss Marley is very excited to be a part of The Tap Studio faculty and encourages others to become a part of the tap family in Anchorage.



3: Tappy Labor Day! Studio is OPEN :)

3-8: Spirit Week - Wear GREEN to class!


8-13: Parent Week - Parents are invited to observe class.

13: Session 1 Ends

15: Session 2 Begins - Payment is due before your student's first class.

25-31: Glow-In-The-Dark Week - We will tap in the dark with glow-in-the-dark bracelets!

Spirit Week: September 3-8

  • Get an extra token: Students who wear GREEN to class will receive an extra token to the gumball machines!
  • Enter in a drawing: Students who wear GREEN to class will be entered into a drawing! Three winners will be selected - prizes include: A $20 Bear Tooth gift card, a $10 Kaladi Brothers gift card and a free Tap Studio shirt of your choice when our new logo wear is released!

What We're Learning In Class

Every class* follows the same structure:

1. Tap History: Using the first 1-2 minutes of class, we learn about tap dance history! The lessons will follow the story of tap chronologically - from its origin until present day. There are a few topics which may not be age-appropriate for some younger classes. We will sometimes skip a topic and do a quick review what we have previously learned.

2. Jazz Standard: We quickly discuss the "Jazz Standard of the Week", with some classes learning about its musical structure and historical significance as it relates to tap dance. We will then use the week's jazz standard as our warm-up song!

3. Technique, Improvisation & Choreography: Let's TAP dance!

4. Tap Master: Using the last 3-5 minutes of class, we learn about the "Tap Master of the Week" and watch footage of that tap master in action! As always, parents and siblings are welcome to join us for this portion of every class.

*Adult classes may choose to opt out of the Tap History and Tap Master lessons. The Tap Level 6 students learn about Tap History in detail on Tuesdays and the Tap Master in detail on Thursdays.

What We Learned in August

Tap Master & Footage Watched in Class

Tap History

Jazz Standard & Recording Used in Class

Tap Class Standards

  1. Focus on the goal: I am here to learn how to tap dance.
  2. Share the joy of tap dance: I begin each tap class with a smile on my face!
  3. Best foot forward: I am here to work hard and try my best!
  4. Dance with strength: My tap sounds are strong and loud.
  5. Tap is music: My tap sounds and body rhythms match the music.
  6. Respect the dance: I respect tap dance history and bring my best attitude to class.
  7. Respect the dance community: I respect ALL dancers: my classmates, my instructor, dancers within the community, tap leaders and tap legends.
  8. Commit to the goal: I try my best to attend each and every tap class.

Questions? Concerns?

Please e-mail me ( if you need anything! I'm "tappy" to help answer questions and resolve any issue which may arise.

Valerie Thurston

Owner, The Tap Studio

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