Reception by the American Public

By: Jairo Mendiola

Veterans Coming Back Home

When Veterans come back from War, whether it is from Iraq or across sees to another country they return with smiling faces surrounding them. But at one time in history they didn't get the parades, celebrations or congratulations at risking their lives or limbs at protecting their country.

Vietnam War Chaos

In around the day of November 1, 1955 a war was started between the airplanes of Vietnam against the land of Hawaii. Which the recruiters had to stand up against them and join the fight until 20 years. After a terrible loss soldiers came home empty handed and received nothing for it. Some Veterans realizing they weren't getting any kind of welcome back decided to keep their silence and stay away from everyone.

Loss of Recruiters

During time slowly less people decided not to get recruited due to the Vietnam war. Since WWII numbers have been decreasing at the most since they wanted to recruit more people due to the 9/11 attacks.

Change the Vietnam War Did

After some people started realizing the fact how unfair they treated their veterans whether they lost or won every veteran had received a reception to celebrate the fight of their lives they had went through. Now there are more receptions for Veterans that have gone to war either winning or losing they get to come home to open hands.


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