Creation of Apple

Sarah Confer


Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the beloved company of Apple. Jobs was born in 1955 and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. He was raised in Silicon Valley, California, which is a town known for inventing technology. Jobs was very intelligent and was able to create Apple at a very young age. He also created Pixar. Jobs died in 2011. Although we all know who Jobs is, many people don't know about Wozniak. Steve Wozniak was born in 1950 in San Jose, California. He left Apple a few years after creating the company.
Mini BIO - Steve Jobs


The first Apple computer was created in 1976 but they created two more computers to follow, though the Apple II was the most popular. Also the Macintosh was released which we all know as the iMac. Apple has been one of the best companies to have ever existed.


Jobs and Wozniak met in 1976 and also started the company. Soon after the company was successful and they both were rich. Jobs left the company and started his own two companies. While he was gone, Apple did very poorly so Jobs came back in 1997 as interim CEO. He came back at just the right time because the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.


Thursday, April 1st 1976 at 12pm

Silicon Valley, CA, United States


The company was created in Silicon Valley, California in Job's childhood home. The company was ran out of the same garage the Apple computer was launched in.


Apple Inc. was created to give people a home computer that was easy to operate and nobody had to be tech savvy to operate it. When they created the first computer, they were so proud of what they did so they created the company. They have stuck with the theme to make their technology easy to use, almost anybody can figure out how to use and IPhone. They have changed technology forever and made an impact on how people use it.