Your Library Media Centre

What your Library and Teacher-Librarian Can Do For You


Library Vision

  • to provide an inspiring, inviting and safe environment for students, staff and parents
  • work collaboratively with staff to enhance student learning
  • to provide a diverse collection of materials for all grade levels with feedback from staff and students
  • offer programming and services that ensure students become effective users of information and technology

Orientation Session For All Classes

Start the year, by booking your class into an orientation session. Please see my schedule posted on my office door. You can sign up for any available slot during the morning. I will take your class for the full period to talk to them about library expectations, check-in/check-out procedures, how to find a book using the digital catalogue, where to locate different texts in our library, and taking proper care for library materials. At the end of the session, students will be permitted to check out books. Please do not send individual students to the library to check out materials, unless they have had this orientation.

What I Can Do For You

Book Exchange and Information Literacy Lessons

Whole Class or Individual Students

  • I will continue to provide read alouds along with a book exchange time for kindergarten to grade 3 classes
  • All other classes can send individual students to the library for book exchange any time during the afternoon as long as I am in the library (Please remind students that they are not to be in the library unsupervised)
  • Grades 4 to 8 can sign up for a period a week for information literacy. This can include research skills, technology, and internet citizenship lessons
  • Teachers can also sign up for a 15 minute block for whole class book exchange. This can be a permanent time for the entire year. However, I need teachers to be present for this period as I may be working with another class and may not be able to assist your students in checking out materials.

Booking The Library for a Class or Special Event.

  • If you are intending on using the library for a class throughout the year, a schedule will be posted on the office door. Please put a "P" beside your name to indicate that this will be a permanent period to be used throughout the school year. Please be advised that I would like to prioritize the library space in the morning for classes that are co-teaching with me or for information literacy classes that I will be providing. Please try to schedule your classes (e.g., drama and dance or science periods) in the afternoon if you are planning on using the library space.
  • If you are using the library for a special event, please send me an email that indicates the date and times you require the space.

Signing Out iPads

  • We will post the schedule on a clipboard next to the iPad cart in the library.
  • Please remember to return the cart to the library when your period is done. Students may wheel the cart in and put it back in its proper location.
  • Ensure the lock is secured.
  • There are some white baskets that can be used to transport iPads back and forth from the library
  • Please plug the cart back in to ensure the iPads always remain fully charged.
  • The code continues to be 2473

Computer Lab Schedule

  • I will be circulating with the lab schedule for you to sign up for permanent periods for the school year (Please take special note as to how many periods your grade will be allotted. This is found attached to the schedule). Please remember that these periods include all subject areas for your grade.
  • There will most likely not be many open periods, so please communicate with one another as to whether or not you will be using your period by crossing out your name on the schedule prior to the commencement of the school day.

Create Your Own Flyer

  • If you are interested in creating your own flyer, here is the link for this website.

Looking Forward to a Great Year!

See you in September

If you have read this flyer send me an email telling me one thing you would like to get out of the library program this year. This email will entitle you to a choice of 1) a hot or cold beverage from Tim Horton's or 2) coverage of one of your recess duties