Jonas And Sarie Abney

Jonas and Sarie Abney: Digital Media

Jonas And Sarie Abney

Jonas and Sarie Abney are married and live together in New York City. Jonas has spent a number of years working in digital media, advertising and publishing, where he worked for IndustryBrains, Google, Nielsen Business Media, and Hachette-Filipacchi US, among others. In his spare time Jonas enjoys writing short fiction, songs, and playing the guitar. He has also appeared in off-Broadway plays. Jonas and Sarie Abney are the proud parents of one child.

Jonas and Sarie Abney: The Growth of New York City

Jonas and Sarie Abney are a couple living within the limits of New York City; they are active individuals who believe only a great city can cater to their needs. Among their favorite activities are traveling, playing the guitar, writing, fishing, and playing tennis. They are grateful to live in New York City because it offers some of the best opportunities to engage in their hobbies.

New York City is a settlement that grew to prominence because of its valuable location along the North American coastline; all other wealth and subsequent division of power can be directly attributed to the geographical desirability of the city. The rise in rent that is associated with the consolidation of wealth in a certain area in relation to a larger area creates a natural wedge in which people tend to move in opposite directions of. That is, as the area becomes more expensive to live or work on, only people who are generating a sufficient level of income can afford to live on that land and the cycle is perpetuated. Wealthy people have no desire to see rents reduced because it usually their commercial activity that is driving the rise in rents in the first place. While societal cultivation and material progression are undoubtedly good things, there is a certain tragedy that occurs when a city becomes divided by past actions as opposed to the potential of future actions.

Jonas and Sarie Abney are grateful to live in a city in which history is unfolding before their eyes, as an organization the size of New York City has never been tested before.

Jonas and Sarie Abney: Freedom of Expression

Jonas and Sarie Abney are hip New Yorkers with considerable experience in the world of theater and performance. Jonas Abney has produced over twenty concerts and appeared in three off-Broadway productions. His most memorable production was a rendition of 'Sonny Rollins' at the Carnegie Hall in 1993. Sarie Abney is a highly skilled artist with a fierce passion for transforming her dreams into reality. They are grateful for the chance to call New York their habitat as it is a source of infinite inspiration; standing on their balcony, the New York skyline looks to hold lights more numerous than all the stars in the Milky Way. Creativity comes natural to Jonas and Sarie Abney; trying to turn it off would be like grinding a stone cylinder into dust with your bare hands. This respected couple feels that artistic expression captures them in their most natural form, as opposed to the more normal social discourse in which they must filter their thoughts for political correctness, understandability, and efficiency. While all of these filters are necessary to communicate and cooperate effectively, a segment of the truth is left absent by censorship, a segment that is true only in the mind of the individual but that can still be appreciated and perhaps utilized by others. This is the reason that Jonas and Sarie Abney value conversation so highly, as it is a more candid form of communication and thus contains more artistic, abstract expressions. They find that simple conversation is one of their greatest sources of inspiration, which exemplifies how they truly value the perspective of those they interact with.

Jonas and Sarie Abney: The Epicenter of Hip Hop

Jonas and Sarie Abney have grown fond of New York over the course of their time living in the city. They are active individuals who find the city attractive because it offers ample opportunity to satisfy their creative spirits. They are both fascinated by the arts and believe that art is one of the greatest forms of human expression. They respect New York City as one of the world's great cultural centers, one that offers entertainment and satisfaction on all edges of the clock.

New York City is an American musical center that has served as the breeding grounds for a number of popular musical genres. Perhaps the most popular of these genres is hip hop; New York City is home to a boisterous mainstream and underground hip hop scene. Many of the world's greatest rappers drew inspiration and refined their musical skills in the competitive New York environment, including Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Big Daddy Kane, Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, and 50 Cent.

New York City is also an American culinary center. Residents and visitors of New York City are exposed to a culinary menu that contains food from all over the world. You can have a world-class burrito for breakfast, a chicken shawarma made from the finest ingredients for lunch, and an authentic Chinese dish for dinner. Not many places in the world can satisfy all of your taste buds in a single day the way the New York City can. Jonas and Sarie Abney are joyous that they are able to live in such a cultured city.

Jonas and Sarie Abney: The Allure of Costa Rica

Jonas and Sarie Abney are two creative individuals who live in New York City. Jonas Abney has appeared in three off-Broadway productions and produced twenty concerts, including 'Sonny Rollins' at Carnegie Hall in 1993. They both enjoy to travel during their free time; Costa Rica is at the top of their favorite destinations list.

Jonas and Sarie Abney find Costa Rica so attractive because of the wide array of natural beauties that has to offered. It is nestled in the rich, dense Amazonian Rainforest, that covers the land in mystique and tranquility. The Costa Rican rainforest is home to many plant and animal species that are native to the area; Jonas and Sarie Abney appreciate this uniqueness and diversity and find it to be an ample source of creative inspiration.

Another reason that Jonas and Sarie Abney like Costa Rica so much is that it is sandwiched between two of the world's great oceans, which provides many opportunities to either enjoy the sun and relax on the beach or engage in water-related activities such as diving, surfing, boating, fishing, and snorkeling. The deep, mysterious Pacific Ocean lies to the west and the colorful, vibrant Caribbean Ocean lies to the east. Jonas and Sarie Abney find beaches in Costa Rica to be some of the most beautiful in the world.

Lastly, Jonas and Sarie Abney rank Costa Rica as their favorite destination spot because it is home to an array of active volcanoes. Ever the fans of exotic experiences, Jonas and Sarie Abney feel like they are stepping foot in an alien world when they stand at the foot of one of these great volcanoes. Jonas and Sarie Abney say that they cannot recommend Costa Rica highly enough; it is truly a jewel under the sun.

Jonas and Sarie Abney: Famous Alumna

Jonas and Sarie Abney think they are very fortunate to be able to live and work in New York. They know that people flock to that city from all over the world, and millions more wish that they could.

Although Jonas and Sarie Abney were both born in other cities, they have lived in New York for years. Jonas attended Columbia University and the Baruch College Zicklin School of Business. As a proud graduate of both institutions, he has maintained ties in the years since he received his degrees.

"I attended Columbia University for college and majored in History, and graduated with Honors in 1992," Jonas Agney recalls. As he knows, Columbia University has a particularly rich heritage. It is one of only nine of the country's "Colonial Colleges," meaning it was founded before the American Revolution. The list of Columbia University is impressive, and a veritable who's who, including many noted politicians, business leaders, scientists, writers and artists, and social activists. Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglass is a Columbia University alum, as is current Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Singer Pat Boone and novelist Jack Kerouac are just two more names in the long and illustrious list of Columbia alumnae.

Jonas Abney also attended the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, where he got his MBA. He knows there is a certain status to being a Zicklin graduate. It is one of the world's oldest business schools, having been founded in 1919, and is consistently ranked among the best in the United States.

Sarie Abney attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, nestled up to the beautiful Flatirons along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Jonas and Sarie Abney are the proud parents of one child.