School Psych Mid-Meeting Update


Personal texts are not...personal

We have confirmation from the SDE that once we use our personal phones for work-related activities (e.g., checking work email, communicating about a student) we cannot guarantee that our texts or other communication is protected. The communication about a student is part of their educational record, and use of a private cell phone does not create a loop-hole that exempts it. All the more reason to meet after work in a dark and crowded room to chat and have libations! Just check to see who might be eavesdropping from the booth behind you!

Agenda for February Meeting/PD

  • Case reviews - bring a case and/or your thinking cap
  • Work time: ADHD guidelines for IDEA and 504 (I will provide hard copies of current guidelines, eligibility/eval criteria, and DSM-5 criteria)
  • Self-contained programs - plan a 1minute summary of what's at your schools
  • Lauren: review of eDRC
  • Melinda and Lynn: take-aways from SCASP ethics workshop


  • The report template in our section of the google site now has two sets of tables for the BASC-3; one set has only a single column for a teacher respondent.
  • The SDE position for a school psychologist is now "open until filled."
  • The Jan. PC meeting PowerPoint is on the sped google site for your review; some slides are a repetition of our Jan. psych meeting topics.
  • See this article about HWES/SHHS Au partnership for Special Olympics.
  • An animated video about depression, which may be useful for some teens or parents of depressed students; view it before passing on to others to see if it's a good fit.
  • What happens when high school students are told they are beautiful?
  • Angie has requested that HR have the same start date for all of us, 2 weeks before students start, for 16-17 contracts.
  • Sherri and I have requested that administrators be asked to use SLP's and school psychs as a last resort only for spring test administration.

Inclement Weather Make-Up Days

Remember to keep track of your make-up time and provide the form to your principal. At the last DO staff meeting Dr. Hefner mentioned that it is still possible that some time might be forgiven but if we wait too late and there is no forgiveness, we'll need to use personal days. If we put in make-up time and get forgiveness, we don't get that make-up time back.

Bon Voyage to our NASP Delegates!

Bill, Tricia, Jennifer, and Maureen will be at NASP the week of Feb. 8th. Please keep your ears open in case their schools need something while they are away.

Y'all have fun and come back safe-and-sound!