Jaden S

Life Cycle

When a female cockroach mats with a male cockroach it makes a purse for the baby cockroach. When a baby cockroach hatches from the purse it is a nymph. Then when it molts it is an adult but some times it is a nymph for several stages.

Interesting facts

A female cockroach can lay about 35 eggs at a time. A cockroach can live about 2 weeks with out there head because they breath through little holes on there sides and there brains are on there legs. Cockroaches can run about 12 feet in one second. Cockroaches are nocturnal.


A female cockroach can lay about 35 baby cockroaches at one time. Some cockroaches are born alive. When a cockroach is just born it is a nymph and it is black.

Different species

There are about 4,000 different species of cockroaches. One is the German hissing cockroach and it is famous for its loud hissing sound it makes because it is so loud that even a person can hear it hiss. The biggest cockroach in the world is the Giacinta boring hissing cockroach.

The body of a cockroach

The cockroach has a skeleton on the out side of its body just like all of the insects in the world. A cockroach has a head, thorax and abdomen. It also has 3 body parts and did you know that the abdomen is the biggest part on the cockroach is the aluminum.