All About Me

Sandeep Sandhu

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Who Am I?

I'm Sandeep Sandhu, a 16 year old female. I was born on May 4th, 2000 in North York. I consider myself a strong, supporting, generous, and hardworking individual. My favourite subjects include math, business and english. I am passionate about my journey in Mixed Martial Arts, and my interests in other sports such as basketball and volleyball. I'm athletic, I play sports and participate in other activities at least 5 times a week. I am someone who respects others and their decisions and someone who is considerably social. I enjoy connecting with others and learning about their beliefs and interests while relating theirs to my own. I believe in Sikhism, I am a Sikh. I am also bilingual, I'm able to speak english and punjabi fluently. My favourite type of music includes hip hop and rap. My favourite singers and rappers are J Cole, Lexii Alijai, Drake, Kehlani and 50 Cent. I really enjoy watching movies and tv shows, weather it be alone, with friends or family. My favourite genre includes comedies and horror films. As for work habits, I consider myself someone who enjoys working individually on tasks as I feel I am self-motivated and focus much better when I am able to work by myself rather than in groups.

My Life Line

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May 4, 2000

I was born on May 4th, 2000 in North York. This was a significant event because well I was born, I was brought to this world and now I am here.
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Moving to Brampton

I moved from North York and Toronto where I was raised for most of my life. I moved to the city of Brampton in July 2007. This was a significant event for me because I had left all my friends and everyone I knew from Toronto and came to Brampton where everything was new and different for me at the time. I had to attend a different school and make new friends, which was difficult for me at first because I use to be very shy. This experience was all different for me but it was important to me because I've been living here and growing up for nearly a decade now and it has been a great and memorable experience for me.
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First Time on a Plane

The very first time I was on a plane I was about a year old, but since I do not remember that experience I can only share my experience the second time I was on a plane which was in 2008. I went to Belgium and England, it was an amazing experience, visiting another country and exploring it including the differences and similarities I discovered compared to Canada. Being on a plane was a scary experience for me, I remember being very annoyed and frightened by the popping sounds your ears would make and the tension of being in a small area for a very long period of time.
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I started swimming in 2012. I took classes at wellness during the summer and fall season and I successfully passed my splash 1 (First level) before quitting. I always had a fear of drowning when in the water but these swimming classes helped me develop confidence in myself and to not be afraid while I developed essential and basic skills for swimming.
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Being an MC

I have been a MC for two big events in my lifetime in front of large groups both in middle school 2011-2013. This experience is significant to me because it helped me overcome my fear or speaking in front a very large groups of people, helped me build my confidence.
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Losing Someone Important to me

In June 2012, I lost my cousin. This was a very sad time in my life for not only me but my family as well. I saw my cousin as a brother to me, even though he lived across the world from me I still considered him someone close to me and cared for him a lot. This unfortunate event made me realize that you should do your best to keep someone happy and not to bring them down. Spend time with them before they are gone. I wish I had spent more time with my cousin, he was a great and caring person and will always be loved and missed.
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Starting High School

I started high school in 2014. This was an important event in my lifetime because the stress of high school makes you more indecent and notice your individuality. You make and lose friends and thats just a part of high school, you learn who you work best with and who distracts you from your focuses. Some say that high school are the four best years of your life. I believe high school is a huge learning experience to learn who you really are and what you want to do in life career wise. You realize what your interests are, what you like and what dislike.
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NDP Campaign

In 2014 I took part in the ndp campaign as a volunteer. I participated in canvasing, this event helped me develop confidence in communicating with others. It also helped me understand how to deal with being asked questions on the spot and how to answer even when you do not know the correct answer (e.g. suggest individual calls main office). This event also helped me learn how to work fast paste to get work done quicker and efficiently.
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Honor Rolls

In 2014, I got honour rolls with an average of 80%. This was a significant event for me because I know it is hard to achieve high grades, a lot of effort and hard work is put into this. I am proud of myself but I know since I achieved 80, I could do much better and achieve a 90% average if I try hard and work hard to focus. This event helped me work hard in other courses and achieve that average even when I'm struggling in a subject.
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I joined kickboxing in 2013 and developed many skills and techniques that encouraged me to do more and so I did later in 2014-2015 I joined a Mixed Martial Arts class. I do all kinds of things in this class but my current focus is Muay Thai Kick Boxing. I do just boxing as well and enjoy it a lot, it's my passion. My plan is to work hard now and then to start competing by 2017-2018 because MMA is something I really enjoy doing. It is significant to me, because I have learned so much about myself, my health, and my interests. I have become so much more confident and stronger than before this event. I have developed a great sense of individuality when participating on my technique alone also a great knowledge in self-defence.

My Favourite Things

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars if my favourite tv show because it is a mystery show and is relatable as it sets in high school. It's very suspenseful, you are always interested and wondering about whats going to happen next.

Lexii Alijai

Lexii Alijai is a 16 year old rapper. She is a great inspiration to me I consider her one of my role models, I look up to her. Her lyrics are relatable and keep you in a positive mood. She is not very popular right now but her work is incredible and I believe that she will be noticed very soon because she deserves the attention after all the work she puts in even as a high school student.


Mixed Martial Arts helps you become discipline in what you are doing. I understand the knowledge and technique for self-defense and the art helps you become more confident and strong. I gain strength and understand the concept of healthy living from this.

My Leadership Style

Leader as a Joiner

My leadership style would be leader as a joiner because I believe I am someone who would put myself down as a team member rather than the leader. I would give my own opinions as well as acknowledging others opinions to come together and make a decision rather than being an individual who makes the final choice. I take into consideration what the team wants including what I want in order to find a conclusion.

My Influences

My influences are my friends, they influence me for he better. They help me through a lot and lead me towards positive choices to resolve conflicts. Fortunately, I have friends that inspire me to do better and make wise decisions in order to succeed rather than making poor choices and bringing me down. My friends have greatly shaped me to become a strong and independent individual. They also taught me to focus on myself instead of worrying about what others have to say about me. This helped me and my character to become more independent and not worry about what others think about me.

Role Model

My role model is my father. He is hardworking, fast at resolving conflicts, he is discipline and respectful. He is someone who is always there for me and helps me out through tough situations. He teaches me how to focus on my goals and to achieve them. He is hardworking which inspires me to work hard and strive to achieve my goal as well. He is someone who respects everyone and their choices.

My Future

My career plan choice is going into law. I have not decided weather or not I would want to become a lawyer or just follow the path and take part in a career path similar that also includes my interests. My interests include english, math, business and I enjoy reading and writing also I am working on my communication skills. I still want to take part in the field of law though. In order for this I would have to get my OSSD after grade 12 then spend 4 years in university then 3 years in law schools. To get my degree then complete the LSAT successfully to further my occupation choice in law. As for high school, I would take university level courses in mainly english and law courses that our school provides to get more of an understanding of this field. Concerns that follow my career choice including the shortage of jobs available for graduating law students.

Family Symbols

My family is very caring and respectful of each others choices. We are not always together but when we are we take advantage of that time to do the most we can together. Three places that help our family create strong bonds and be happy is going to the movies or watching a movie together at home, this keeps our family happy, together, and talking when talking about whats going on in the film. Another way to bond is going on vacations, my family and I go on vacation each year mostly to India, if not then to visit family in Belgium, England and America. We explore the countries and visit family there, this keeps us together because we do this each year. Another routine we follow is going to the temple as often as possible together as a family. My family and I believe in Sikhism and we follow the traditions and religious beliefs which is why going to the temple is so important for us. My family isn't always together because everyone is very busy but when we are we make the most out of our time together to be happy as a family.

Personality Test Results

My Blueprint- Learning Style: Visual- Auditory Learner

My Blueprint- Personality: INTP (Introverted, intuiting, Thinking, Perceiving)

My Blueprint- Interests: The Strategist (EI)

My Blueprint- Knowledge: Physical Education

My Blueprint- Motivations: Independence

My Blueprint- Compatibility: Lawyer 84%

Top 3 Occupation Matches: Lawyer, Paralegal, Fraud Investigator

True Colours: Orange

Right Braid or Left Brain: Right 58%