The Tale of Despereaux

Kate DiCamillo

about the author

kate dicamillo was born in philadelphia, she moved to florida at five for her health with her mom and older brother. her father stayed back and never rejoined them kate earned her collage degree in 1987. she moved to Minneapolis when she was 30 years old. her book the tale of despereaux was inspierd by her sons best friend luke bailey an unexpected hero with large ears

the lead charactors

One of the main characters is a mouse desperaux hence the title he is a main character in the first story and the last. He was born an unusual mouse, he had big ears and his body was tiny his family did not think that he would live long but he did. Another main character is roscuro an overseas rat that caused a little trouble in the castle my…um…killing the queen. Another main character is miggery sow she appears as a main character in the third story and she is a young girl who is born in bad birth she becomes a castle servant and serves the princess. One more main character is princess pea she is a young girl who likes mice and has big dreams for the future.

the storyline

the book consists of five shorter storys all put together to create the story line the author starts the first story at a castel with the birth of deperaux the second one goes back in time and theen the third story goes even furtherthe fourth story comes back to where the second onee left off and the last one comes back to desperaux

my opinion

i personaly think that the book was very amusing but some parts of the story were a little confusing witch caused me to stop and go back i would highly recomend this book for teens and some young children.

my favorite part is where desperaux slowly creeps twords the foot of the king and first meets the princess.and also where the princess and the king argue if desperaux is a mouse or a bug. my favorite character would be desperaux. he is my favorite because of his honesty and bravery.