The Great White Sharks

by, Marcos Ocelot


Did you know that the Great White shark is at the top of food chain in the ocean? It is for many reasons. The habitat, diet and body structure of this shark make it the ocean fish.


In conclusion you know that sharks are cool sharks will cool to have as a pet I learned so much about the sharks habitat, diet, and body structure. I hope one day to see one.

Comic and Diorama

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Go Fish!

In the Go fish activity the fish I chose for my aquarium are blue pumsel, Green mandarin,Domino Damsel, Valentin puffer, and Nassarius snails. I choose 6 fish and spent $197.85 in total. The 20 gallon tank I choose is large enough for all of my fish. I enjoyed go fish because I got to buy fish for my aquarium.