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Overcoming Adversity

What is adversity?

Adversity is the same thing as a hardship, it applies difficulties, trouble and misfortune. Everyone deals with adversity at some point in their life, it’s apart of life. Adversity reveals the essentials of life and the luxuries. Hardships makes one a more mature and powerful individual. Even kids experience adversity sometimes, no matter what type of adversity it is, it can be with friends, family, school, etc. In the poem “Place Matters” the author Clint Smith is a teacher and he talks about what his students go through at a young age. Here are a few examples in the poem of different adversities:

  • Jose has to eat fast foods five days a week because his mother is never home to feed him.

  • Olivia has to grow up without a father because she watched as he was shot two feet from her front porch and she’s afraid to do anything now.

  • Brianna has a landfill in her backyard, just because of the way her yard is people judges her and thinks she’s just trash and isn’t worth anything.

Miley Cyrus

An example of someone who faced adversity and overcame those hardships is the singer/actress Miley Cyrus. Before Miley Cyrus changed who she was she was a sweet, and innocent girl named Hannah Montana. Everyone loved her and she was a great role model for so many years, but a few years after being a disney tv star she became Miley. She was tired of being called a goodie-two-shoes, so she began to do bad things, because of this she faced many hardships along the way. First, when Hannah Montana began to change her personality to more of a bad girl and became “Miley Cyrus”, people began to hate on her, they always called her names and told her she has become a bad influence on children. Second, her family didn’t like the change she was making and it started to come between her and her family’s relationship. Third, she used to have a ton of fans, but her changing changed their perspectives on her and she lost fans over time. Not long after she changed, Miley’s step-mom said “'I’m hoping that she...doesn’t do so many things that are that bizarre. I don’t think the crowd would be so forgiving again if she did anything else that was really offensive.” She didn’t want miley’s change to effect her talent. Even though Miley was going through hardships she still adhered to her career and overcame those hard times when people were going against her. Some ways Miley overcame these adversities were:

  • Not letting people stop her from doing what she loved.

  • Bouncing back after she was upset about everyone hating on her.

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Lexi Youngberg

In the scholastics scope magazine, there is an article about the tragic accident that happened to a 16 year-old girl named Lexi Youngberg. On september 5, 2009 at 7pm Lexi was on a sea-doo with a few friends, and a 14 year-old boy was driving a small watercraft and crashed right into Lexi and her friends. Lexi and her two friends Robby and Kaitlin were all injured, the 14 year-old boy was ok. Because of the crash, this caused Robby to be severely cut and didn’t make it, this also caused Lexi to lose her left leg. Sports were Lexi’s favorite thing to do, she stopped doing sports after the accident she had. If the horrible accident hadn’t happened, Lexi would’ve continued her sports. The effects of the accident made Lexi feel like she couldn’t do anything anymore. A few weeks went by and Lexi began to recover and her strength began to grow again. She told herself that it was time to pull life back together. Lexi didn’t think she would be able to do the things the loved again, she didn’t think she could play soccer anymore or ice skate, track etc. Soon in November, Lexi’s parents got her prosthetics, each day lexi practiced running around in them. Three months after the accident, lexi was already walking again. In december, Lexi even walked to the school dance. Lexi had a great life before the incident happened, but no matter how much pain lexi was in, she found a way to persevere through everything she went through afterwards.

What are long and short term goals?

Wondering what is the difference between long and short term goals? Here is the difference between these two goals. A short term goals is a goal that you want in the near future meaning this goal can be achieved within 12 months, maybe this week, this month, maybe even today. A long term goal is a goal that you want in the future

that’s further away. Long term goals can’t be accomplished within 12 months, it is required time and planning. Some examples of short term goals are:

  • buying a new house

  • taking a class

Some examples of long term goals are:

  • recovering an injury

  • getting better after losing family member

  • overcoming fear

The similarity between these two goals are perserverance. If you have a long term and short term goal set for yourself, no matter what the goal is you will always have to persevere through it to succeed.

You can solve the problem

Everyone has times when they are facing really tough situations and have adversities. There are possible solutions to overcome these hard times, a way you can overcome these hardships are by setting a goal for yourself. You can set both a long and short term goal. This is a good way to start to overcome tough times because, in order for you to pull through and persevere you need a goal that you want to achieve and reach. An example of an adversity and a solution to overcome it is, You may be going through a family loss and you don’t want to be sad forever, so you can set a short term and long term goal for that. Your short term goal can be to do something that distracts you from the loss of someone. Your long term goal can be to do something like go to school and graduate because you know if that person was still alive they would be very proud of you.