The jungle book

nyterious sullivan

The jungle book

Many years ago in the jungles in India. there was a pack of wolfs there was a leader name Akela and one dark night they heard something in the woods then when it came out there was a human but they called it a man cub.

The JungleBook

Training time

So the pack decided to keep him so they had to name him so they named him Mowgli. then out of nowhere a big lion name Shere Khan he was the meanest biggest leopard in the forest. so he tried to attack the man cub but the wolfs would'nt let him do that. as the boy got older he wanted to kll the leopard. one day so he asked his friend to train him his name was Baldo he was a Bear. they trained for years and years.

She is alive

One day Mowgli and the pack got into a arguement then he decided that he would walk so he walked for hours and hours until he seen a villiage. and every one was staring then one lady said SON!. it was Mowgli's mom stayed with her for some weeks. then one day his mom was walking picking apples then the leopard killed her.

Its all over

When Mowgli had found out about the leopard killing his mother he was finish training now so he went afther the leopard. when he found him they fought Mowgli had a knife but the tiger didn't know it. when they was fighting then Mowgli stabbed the leopard in the head. and he died so Mowgli decided to leave the forest for a better life.
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