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There is a lot of auditing, book keeping, tax fillings, managing accounts, liabilities and many other allied activities involved in a business. As the saying goes ‘a lone gram can’t bust the oven’, it is a naked truth that one cannot accomplish major alone. Hence, being a business owner if you decide to do everything by yourself then believe me everything will go messy i.e., neither you handle your accounts properly nor you can pay needful attention to your business growth. Also, you cannot deny the importance of experience in a particular task; that is to say if you are not familiar enough with the work undertaken, then it will be a hassle and will cost you a lot of time.

At this point of time chartered accountants in Dubai can be of great help of yours. Frankly speaking, accountants are the backbone of an organization as he/she manages the entire finances of the company. He or she is the professional who looks after company’s books, tax filings and liabilities which enables business owners to fully utilize their time and energy to concentrate on their core business. However, in present time when every other person who have had persuaded accountant course calls himself or herself a chartered accountant, it is important to choose the right chartered accountants in UAE. Companies should always hire a well-qualified and experienced chartered accountant as an accountant deal with larger responsibilities. The individual is responsible to ensure that all financial transactions of an organization are in accord with the law. In addition, the pro also keeps track of cost of management of the company and manages tax matters. A chartered accountant caters an organization by various means. Some major tasks of an accountant include:

• Setting up of an effective accounting system in the company
• Vigilant analysis of accounts
• Watchful review of accounting records
• Implementing management accounting
• Preparation of annual accounts and budget evaluations
• Establishing cost accounting
• Managing investment projects and budget control
• Managing taxation process of a company
• Preparing all tax returns

Being heedful while hiring a chartered accountant is not enough, rather businesses should also be cautious while employing auditors. Having a proficient auditor on board is equally important as he/she is an individual who conducts an independent assessment of the accuracy and fairness of a company’s financial assessments prepared by a chartered accountant. For accurate financial statements and accounting statements it is important to hire best auditors in UAE.

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