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March Newsletter

Reminder from Mr. Fay

Message From Mr. Fay

Dear Parents,

I’d like to acquaint you with the procedures we will use for determining classroom assignments for the 2017-2018 school year. Our ultimate goal is to place each child in an environment that is comfortable and conducive to the growth of the individual student. Much consideration is given to appropriately match learning styles and personalities of students and teachers. Of equal importance is designing a classroom in which the children will positively influence each other.

A student’s current teacher may list particular needs related to the child’s learning style and the characteristics of the learning environment that would best meet the needs of the child. Their input is valuable and will be taken with great regard. The administrative team will collect needed information prior to making placement decisions. The placement process is highly reflective and focuses on the needs of all children.

Parents are invited to share views regarding their child’s needs, learning styles, and the characteristics of the teacher that would best meet the needs of their child. If a parent wishes to express their views regarding their child’s needs, this should be addressed in writing by writing a letter stating such things as: the most important priority you have for your child in school, strengths your child has, challenges your child may face, or other factors you would like considered (health issues, learning style, special needs, behavior, peer concerns, family history). Please do not write any specific teacher names in your letter.

Parents of students who are going to either Wabash or Heritage Elementary, please also feel free to send in your information. It will also be used to help place your students in a learning environment that would best meet the needs of the child.

Please return your form by Friday, March 17, 2017 in order for your input to be considered for placement. If you have any questions, please call or email me at

Mr. Damian Fay

Dates to Remember

March 2 Family Reading Night

March 3 Who Hair Day!

March 7 McTeacher Night- Pearce Blvd. 4-8pm

March 9 Last day for Tutoring (READING)

March 10 Early Release 1:15pm

March 13 Last day for Tutoring (MATH)

March 17 No School

Report Cards Emailed

March 20-24 SPRING BREAK


The Board of Education has approved a new summer school program for WSD students entering grades K-8 in the fall. Beginning this summer, the WSD will be utilizing Catapult which will provide all instructional materials and incentives for students to attend (gift cards). In addition, all summer school (K-12) will only be in June. This will allow all buildings to receive a deep clean in July and provide adequate time to move classroom materials to new locations. For complete details, and to register your child, visit the WSD website.

District STEM night WINNERS

Congratulations to Aidan and Carson for placing first for second grade in the district wide STEM night!

News From Art Club

Art Club for grades K-2 is well underway. Group 1 has already met and Group 2 began the end of February.

Here are the upcoming dates:

Art Club Group 2 meets: March 1 & 8th @ 7:25

Art Club Group 3 meets: March 15, 29 & April 3rd @ 7:25

Art Club Group 4 meets: April 12, 19 & 26th @ 7:25

If you're not sure which group your child is in e-mail me and I'll will let you know>


Outstanding Character Award

Josie from Ms. Collier's class received an Outstanding Character Award from City of Wentzville. Thanks, Officer Jason for the nomination!

News from the music department

Did you know that scientist, specifically neuro-scientists, have concluded that musical study helps develop the brain? That is such exciting news! The attached video shows that through tests such as MRI and EEG there is ample proof that the areas of the brain that control movement, hearing, and vision are more developed in those who study music than those who do not study music. The greatest news is that in our school children are receiving musical instruction with plenty of practice in singing and sometimes through instruments. So, when those recorders come home with the 5th graders next month, just imagine how much brain development is happening!
Your Brain on Music

Lost and Found

Lost and Found items will be bagged up and donated to the clothing bin on June 1st. If your child has anything missing please encourage them to check the Lost and Found or please come up and check it for them.