Mobile Apps for Education K-12

What apps to use on phones or tablets in the classroom

Khan Academy

I have always been a big fan of Khan Academy, their flipped classroom structure for in-classroom is great as well as the online method is also very fun and engaging.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows teachers and students to access a wide variety of content that they themselves place into the drive. In addition it also allows for the creation of surveys, questions, assignments and so on, and would link with google classroom.


Socrative is a great education-specific tool that allows students and teachers to access many of the same features that google classroom has, but allows for stronger independence when accessing data in excel. In addition the difference in apps for student and teacher provide some piece of mind when considering the security of the online classroom environment.


Mentimeter is one of the polling systems classrooms at the University of Alberta use quickly check student understanding and find out whether students are ready to move on to the next topic or not.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a fantastic tool with an array of tools to help facilitate assignments, quizzes, online lectures or screencasts, and has the potential for exams (take-home exams and the like). This app is also very nicely built being user friendly and attractively designed.