Save the Honeybees

You will only cherish after they perish

Death of the Honeybees

Throughout Elmwood, Ontario millions of honeybees have "dropped dead" due to the spraying of a deadly pesticide that farmers have been spraying throughout their crops called Neonicotinoid. David Schuit, a local bee keeper explains to the media that an estimated amount of 37 million honeybees have supposedly "dropped dead", that's equivalent to 600 hives.

Honeybees produce more than just honey!

Honeybees are vital to the human diet. Honeybees pollinate 80% of our flowering crops. That is one third of everything we eat. Losing the honeybees will mean the loss of many other things including: apples, broccoli, strawberries, asparagus, nuts, cucumbers and blueberries. The loss of honeybees could also threaten our beef and dairy industries. Honeybees pollinate alfalfa which cows eat. Without cows eating the alfalfa they will not produce the milk they need because they wont get their proper nutrients. Without honey bees, it will diminish our way of eating, leaving us to a water based diet.

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