Out of my Mind

by Sharon Draper_______Angela Parr


Melody is a 12 year old with a disease called cerebral palsy. She cant talk,walk,or even feed herself, but she was gifted with photographic memory. The only problem is that nobody knows what she was gifted with this, the doctors consider her as a mentally retard. There is one person who can tell that she is not retarded, her aid at the middle school she attends.
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Rising Action

After a while they realize that she is intelligent, they decide to buy her a computer that allows her to type and talk. When she is at school she learns about a competition, for really intelligent people, she knows in her mind shes smart so decides to enter.


As she on her way to the competition she finds out her group left her (on purpose)!


The room fills with excitement when she wins the competition. Soon she goes back home and wonderful girl feels succeeded.