OOTW travel agency

by Grace Vetromile

past vacation hotspots!

* we flew Obama to the Bahamas, where he went to a luxurious spa and spent one early morning scuba diving and hing gliding with his whole family. "it was the best vacation of my life."

our travel agency is the best in the united states because we make you feel like you are flying in first class x 1000 for half the price! and children two and under are free! (but still must be scanned)

Ms. Lutkenhaus vacation!

I determined that Ms. Lutkenhause would like to go to Maui on July 3rd-10th. i figured this date because Ms. Lutkenhause likes to collect seashells and everyone knows that is beast to do in low tides (neap tides) and on July 3rd-10th it is a new moon therefor there will be neap tides and in July is usually when the water is warmest. Also in July there is no school so Ms. Lutkenhause will have less work to do and have more time with her husband. Maui also has 4 of the top 10 black sand beaches.

Mr Little's vacation!

I am sending Mr Little away to Cairns,Australia! on December 21st-27th. This location is perfect for many reasons the main one being it is in the opposite hemisphere so when its winter here its summer there. i picked the 21st-27th because its a full moon on those day meaning that there are going to be spring tides. In Cairns there is a rain forest meaning there will be plenty of critters to keep Mr little company.Cairns are also known for there clubs and dancing, perfect for Mr little to dance like the Lorax.

Coach Wilson's Vacation!

I am sending Coach Wilson to Miami, Florida on March 10th-15th. This is a great location for coach Wilson because it's on spring break so he won't have to miss any school, the light will be on the right of the moon and there will be plenty of high tides for coach Wilson to feel the sand on his feet. I'm Miami there is also plenty of rain for him to dance in whial listening to Taylor swift. Miami also has great beach activities like sandcastle building and beach volleyball for coach Wilson to enjoy

Mr Jones vacation!

I am sending Mr Jones to Arkansas on December 8th-12th! It is perfect for him because there are many beaches where he can use his metal detector and there is a waxing crescent on those days ( small ham crescent). Arakis one of the few resorts that don't allow kids so Mr Jones dissent have to be reminded about all the kids he has to deal with and he will be able to relax and be in polar plunges

Client review

Anonymous- ootw travel agency is the best! I had an amazing time in Jamaica with my family and friend and it was extremely cheap! I was truly amazed

Bobby .F- this was the most outstanding vacation I have ever been on in my life and that is what I do for a living!

Sam .A - that was AMAZING