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Raise your awareness regarding the colors, mediums and solvents used in oil paintings and increase your knowledge regarding the medium used for painting in oil.


When we look at those oil paintings for sale, most of us have little idea about the hard work and labor that goes behind each painting. The artist has to create a unique piece and express his own style as he plays with those colors, solvents, oils on the canvas. Apart from focusing on the theme of this painting, he has to focus on the kind of colors he chooses, the solvent required to clean the brushes and thin those paints. There are water soluble oils available in the market, where the solvent will be water. Read on to learn more about the solvents and mediums that are commonly used for those paintings in oil.

The painting medium is actually a liquid solution that can make the oil paint a lot easier and smoother to manipulate. One needs to add the right quantity to the oils so as to get the right consistency of the paint. Some of these mediums are meant to make the paint thinner for glazing while others are used to make the paint thicker. These mediums also shorten or lengthen the time for drying oil paintings Delhi. There are some oils that can be used directly from the tube, while others can be tougher to handle. The so-called painting medium helps the artists to mix their tube paints and use the colors the way they want.

The most standard solvent used to thin those oil paints is Turpentine, and it can be bought easily from any art supply store or hardware store. It is best to buy the turpentine from the local hardware store because of the shorter turnaround time. Many artists for oil paintings Chandigarh are seen to work with mineral spirits that are also available in hardware stores. One can buy the spirits in larger quantity and use a smaller quantity in a container when they actually paint.

Adding a little turpentine to the oil paints make them thinner and more fluid. Some artists also use linseed oil but it tends to yellow the paint. The most frequently used medium is a mix of turpentine and linseed oil with a little addition of a little dammar varnish.

One can experiment with different mediums and solvents till they get the right blend. As the linseed oil is known to slow down the drying process, one may want to raise the proportion of turpentine. A good standard used for oil paintings India is to add three parts of turpentine to one part of linseed oil. Once one can find the right blend, they can use the right proportions and mix a batch and then store the medium in a tightly sealed jar. When you need to paint, they can use the solvent or the medium, mixing the oil together on the palette.

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