Ancient Egyptian Funerary Customs

by Kyle Lamont

After Life

The Ancient Egyptians believed in when they died they would go to the after life. The Pharaohs believed in it heavily be cause they would kill there wife and slaves but before they would kill the slaves they would make them build one or two bouts for night and day.

Egyptian Gods

The Ancient Egyptians had a lot of gods they had one for everything they would be a god sheep to keep the wool coming. But they had real gods for proper things like the Sun and the Moon.

Funeral Rituals

The Pharaohs are cut open to remove all internal organs and put them in a jar then they dry out the body to conserve it then they wrap it up.

Rich & The Poor

The rich Egyptians lived closer to the Palaces.

Jewellery, Architecture & Precious Items

Only the rich people could buy these.

Archaeological Discoveries

Most of our construction is based on Egyptians

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