Computer Hardware

Nathan Farr

Hard Drives and SSD's

Hard Drives and SSD's are components for computers and modern devices. A Hard Drive is a rectangular box about 20cm by 15cm that is inside the body of a desk top or lap top. It has moving parts that store information onto a silver disk. A hard Drive though is very big and heavy and so if you want to make a smal laptop you couldnt use it. A SSD has no moving parts and that is why it is called a Solid State Drive. It is a lot safer to save the right information on a SSD has there are no moving parts to go wrong. The problem with an SSD though is that it is a lot more expensive to buy and cannot store as much information than a Hard Drive

Optical Drives

An optical drive is either a blue ray reader or a DVD reader. They are commanly used in DVD players and gaming consoles. These include a blue ray reader for PS3 and a DVD reader for Xbox. It works by lasers beaming down onto a disk to read or write a CD. One reason the MacBook Air is so thin is because it doesn't have an optical drive so you have to download everything from the internet. The problems with Optical Drives are that it is very big and can be easily damaged by dusk getting into the laser.


A moniter is the screen of your computer or electronic device. There are many different types of moniters. These include LED's, LCD's, Plasma and OLED's. The first type of moniter was a CRT which is a very confusing type of moniter that worked using gases and tubes. Many new Apple devices have a retina screen which is a HD (High Definition) screen that produces a sharp and clear image. Some devices are so sharp that the human brain cannot proccess everything.
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A RAM stands for Random Access Monitor. It is a short term storage place for data such as things that you copy from the internet or documents. It also makes sure your computor is still very fast as you can keep open many more programmes at the same time without having to proccess them as much. The problem with RAM though is if you turn off your computer anything on it will be erased or wiped clear so anything you want to temporarily save will be gone. An easier way to put this is if you imagine that you are cooking a chicken hotpot. You have all the