Feb 15 Student holiday (teachers work)

Feb 17 Spring pictures and whole class picture

Feb 19 PTA Skate night (my favorite!!)

March 2 Dr Seuss Day-dress like a favorite Dr Seuss character or wear something kinda Seussy (I'm just wearing a Dr Seuss t-shirt)

Mar 7-11 Spring Break

Mar 14-17 Second grade swim lessons

Mar 25 Good Friday- no school

Mar 29-30 4th grade STAAR writing test

April 1 Early release 12:30

April 1 Starfest 5:00

April 29 Dia de Los Ninos Day--all students will dress up in a favorite storybook character costume (start planning now) The 2nd grade teachers have BIG plans for that day!

MAY 4 Bike to School Day

May 6 Cafeteria Worker Day!

May 11 Nurses Day

May 20 Field Day

May 24 Speeding to Read field trip and award ceremony

May 30 Memorial Day-no school

June 1 End of year party

June 2 Last Day of School!

What a fun week! From 101st day to Valentine's treats to mystery reader! So much fun!

A big thanks for Mrs. Moody for braving the wild natives on Valentine cookie day and being our mystery reader. We all enjoyed the yummy pretzels too. As my grandma always said, "you need a little salt to cut the sweet!" You read some of our favorite series too! Thank you so much!

A thank you to all of you for the many sweet treats, cards and flowers. I definitely felt the love! Strawberries and a heart shaped sweet potato made me giggle as I try to continue my healthy eating. So thoughtful!

Just for the record, I am down over 8 lbs and feeling so energetic and healthy! I hope to keep it up! The Whole30 cookbook is worth investing in if you are looking for real food fixed in healthy ways.

We had a lovely time on the 101st day of school. A big thank you for all of those that donated treats for us to enjoy. We also raised over $110 in change for donating to Operation Kindness, a no kill animal shelter. I will post pictures of the donating and all the happy dogs soon!

I have asked the kids to stop playing team sports at recess. I know that some of them are unhappy with my decision. There have been so many arguments, hot tempers and frustrations during these games that I felt we needed a break from them. They can use the balls, equipment, jump ropes, hula hoops and their imaginations! This rule is only for my class and I am not ready to give it up yet. So please help brainstorm some ideas of things your kids (especially boys) can do that might be fun. Using their imagination is my favorite choice! Invent a new form of tag! Play "live" versions of characters they love. Hopefully, this break will help.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy 3 days! Think of me while I am back at work on Monday and my entire family sleeps in...

April McGhee


Language Arts-We are in the final chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Soon we will take all of journal summaries of each chapter and do some neat projects. We also read Helen Keller out of our reading books. The pictures were so beautiful. We will test comprehension over it next week sometime. We learned a little bit about pronouns and hunted for them in Froggy and Franklin books.

Math-We are working hard on money! We have learned to count mixed coins and are working on all the different ways to make a dollar. Keep practicing at home!

Social Studies-This week we looked at Mardi Gras, even go to eat a King Cake and get some beads courtesy of Macy! We read 3 more biographies, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Helen Keller.

Science-We began looking at clouds and the water cycle. We watched a neat video that showed a skydiver jumping through a cloud. This confirmed they are made of water droplets.