The house on the cliff

mitchell norman


The two brothers, Joe and Frank are trying to help their dad catch some smugglers, but the smugglers kidnapp their father and the brothers are on a hunt to get him back and catch the smugglers.


  • Frank Hardy
  • Joe Hardy
  • Chet Morton
  • Felix
  • Mr. Hardy
  • Mrs. Hardy
  • Biff
  • Phil
  • Ali Singh
  • Snattman

character analysis for Frank Hardy

He makes very smart decisions. For example, when he helps to try and capture the smugglers, he makes timly and smart decisions. He is also very athletic and tough. At the beginning of the story, he swam out in the water to help a man named Jones that was struggling to swim and he carried him back to shore. He is also very anxious to help his father. He is always asking his father if there is anything that him and his brother could help their father with, in relation to his mysterious cases he has to do.
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Never give up on something that means a lot to you because you can always accomplish it if you put youre mind to it and dont quit.

important event

The boys and their father are prisoners in a room in the smugglers hide out and they are trying to sneak out of the room, but they are caught and they have to fight the gaurd to get out of the room.
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Anybody that is a middle schooler or older and loves to read books with suspense would enjoy reading this book. It is a real cliff hanger and it makes you want to keep reading it.