Samuel Gridley Howe

(A Life)

Samuel G. Howe: Reformer Origins

Samuel Gridley Howe was born on November 10th, 1801. He started his childhood school life at Boston Latin School. At home and at school he was cruelly treated, and was beaten from time to time. He never had any happy memories. After grade school he went to Brown University, then later on, he went to Harvard Medical School.

Samuel G. Howe: Reformer Reasons

What made Mr. Howe become a reformer was that he joined a group to make Slaves be able to fight in war with the white people, and to build schools for the blind. Why did he do that? Well, before he did that there were no schools for the blind and African Americans could not fight in war, even if they wanted to. Mr. Howe was friends with Horace Mann, the father of public education, and was in that group I mentioned. So Horace Mann was most likely a reason why Mr. Howe did the things for the blind, and that group for letting the slaves fight.

Samuel G. Howe: Reformer Afterwards

Samuel Howe accomplished various things in his life. Some are; he established 11 schools, invented an emboss letter system for typing, and he made Howe Type. Samuel Howwe changed how the world was before. He is a hero to the blind and to the slaves that wanted to be in war.