Kindergarten Corner

Miss Aguilar's Kindergarten Class

Meet the Teacher

My name is Dallas Aguilar and this is my first year teaching here at Cougar Elementary. I am so excited to have your student in my Kindergarten class this year! I love Kindergarten, it is rewarding to see the progress they make all throughout the year. I have lots of fun activities planned for your student and I am eager to get started. I make myself available to all parents and guardians and below you will find my email address. Please fill free to contact me with any concerns or questions and I will respond within twenty-four hours. I look forward to a great year!


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Important Dates

September 9th- Today is open house. Please stop by my classroom, I would love to meet you all! I do have short presentation planned that will let you know about all I have planned for your student this year.

September 14th- The Scholastic book fair is today. If you would like to purchase any books for the classroom I have left my list of “wanted” books in the library. We will go to the book fair as a class after lunch, so please send your student with money if you are allowing them to purchase a book.

September 20th- Today is etiquette day. I have a fun day planned for your student. Please send them to school dressed as they would for church. We will be having a tea party as we learn about our manners.

October 2nd- We are headed to the Houston Zoo today! Please pack a sack lunch for your student. We will be leaving campus at 9 a.m. and will be returning at 2:20 p.m. Make sure to check the weather and dress your student accordingly.

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Homework Time!

I give homework every Tuesday and it is due to me that Friday. The homework is very minimal and will generally be over what I have introduced in class that Monday. There are not any consequences if your student does not complete their homework. However, I do reward those students who do complete their homework. So, I strongly encourage you to assist your student with their homework so that all my students may receive a reward.

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Volunteer Opportunities

September is a very busy month! There are lots of volunteer opportunities and I would love your help. Etiquette day is one of my favorite days of the school year but it does require the most preparation. I am in need of volunteers to help decorate the room for our tea party. I am in need of volunteers to supply plates, cups, napkins and utensils. I am also in need of volunteers who would like to role play as waiters or waitresses to serve the finger foods and treats I am bringing in. Please shoot me an email if you can fulfill any of these needs.

Coming up in October is our first field trip and your students are so excited! If you are available to be a chaperone on the field trip please let me know, you are greatly appreciated. If you are unable to go to the zoo with us that is okay, there is also a need for volunteers to help load the bus and organize the lunches.

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Classroom Rules

During the first week of school I talked with your students about classroom expectations. I provided them with examples of what a good classroom would look like and what a bad classroom would like. Afterwards, I sent them to their desks and asked them to write one rule that they feel would be the most important to have in our class. I read through their responses and created our classroom rules, they are below.

1. Treat all of your classmates with kindness.

2. Keep your hands, feet and bodies to yourselves.

3. Always say “please” and “thank you”.

4. Listen to the teacher and follow directions.

5. Always try your best.

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