Mrs. Green's Class Newsletter

Room 203

What's New?

The students have really been enjoying our read aloud, Wonder! It's been a "wonderful" novel to start off the year and spark some great discussion on acceptance and kindness.

Check out Wonder's companion, 365 Days of Wonder in the Scholastic book order that was sent home this week. Book orders will be due on Wednesday, September 24.

I have updated the website with pictures from our first Buddy Visit. Be sure to check them out! I have also added some great games the students can use at home to practice their multiplication facts!

Our Learning:


This week we began Chapter 2! The students multiplied numbers by 10, 100, and 1,000 and found patterns to make this task a bit easier. We will be moving into more multiplication and division and here is where knowledge of basic math facts will be important. If you child needs a refresher on their multiplication tables, please have them work on them at home. During class students use Xtra Math to review their basic facts and are always welcome to use the program at home as well. Additionally, there are some multiplication games on my website!


This week in Reader's Workshop we have explored some nonfiction texts about the Revolutionary War. The students worked on finding the most important details. We also did a Reader's Theater about the Boston Massacre.

We began recognizing "signposts" to look for while reading fiction as well. What are Sign Posts? Sign posts are significant moments in text that alerts readers to slow down and read closely. They help the reader to understand the conflict, point of view, theme, character development, etc.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we created a timeline of events that led to the Revolutionary War. We analyzed two different pictures of the Boston Massacre and the students discovered how bias can affect one's perception of an event. Additionally, we learned that Great Britain placed a tax on tea that really outraged the colonists. The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor!


The students are continuing to add to their Writer's Notebooks by coming up with different lists and memories. We also worked on some free writing that we have enjoyed sharing with each other.

Additionally, as we read different texts, the students are learning how to recognize author's craft. We have been discussing why the author might choose to use specific techniques; then, we can try it out in our own writing!

Type to Learn

We have been working on our typing skills and they are improving! However, the students still need to focus on proper technique while practicing.

We are encouraging the student to:
  • sit up straight (no yoga balls)
  • feet flat on the floor
  • fingers curved
  • fingers on (or close to) the home keys
  • eyes on the screen

While practicing at home, be sure to reinforce these skills. Please note that all assessments on Type to Learn will be completed at school.

Ask Your Child About:

  • Liberty Kids
  • Reader's Theater
  • Mentor Sentences
  • Wonder
  • Causes of the Revolutionary War
  • PE

Dates to Remember:

  • September 23
  • School Board meeting

  • September 25
  • No School - Rosh Hashanah