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Instagram Exit Slip


Instagram Exit Slips ("Exitgrams") are a fun way to engage students and check for understanding while using a format familiar to just about any age group.


Exit slips are a well-known and simple method of checking for understanding. By following the Instagram format, students will be engaging each of Howard Gardner's Creating, Synthesizing, Disciplined, Ethical, and Respectful minds while using a fun and familiar format.

This can be used at the end of any Computer Applications class and can be adapted for lab, laptop cart, or home use.


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  • Students work on About Apps activity in Computer Applications class. This checks their basic computer skills and shows how to complete many common tasks in Computer Applications class.
  • Teacher shares Exitgram via Google Drive while students work.
  • With fifteen minutes remaining in class, teacher demonstrates entire process of creating an Exitgram:
*Make a copy of Exitgram file named YourLastName_Exitgram

*Read question on the board
*Find relevant image or correct answer on computer (synthesizing)

*Grab image Snipping Tool (or other screenshot application) (disciplined)

*Insert image in Exitgram file and resize accordingly

*Credit photographer or source website if necessary (ethical)

*Add a caption with at least 3 relevant hashtags (creating)

*Tag any related names (inventor of technology, teacher, friend who helped complete work - these can also just be for fun) (respectful)

*"Post" Exitgram by sharing with teacher and any "tagged" students.

  • Students spend remaining class time composing their own Exitgram.
  • Teacher views and "replies" to Exitgrams prior to next class. Feedback varies depending on student's level of understanding.
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If you don't have access to a computer in your classroom, try printing and copying the template so your students can draw or print their own pictures.

Could this be used as an Entrance Slip as well? Let me know if you find a way!


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Exitgram template created in Pixlr using screenshot from Instagram app for iOS. Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, Inc. This activity does not imply any partnership with or endorsement of Instagram, Inc.