Act 3 Scene 4

Dillon Fullen

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Summary of Scene

In the beginning, Lord Capulet is talking to Lady Capulet and Paris about Juliet. He informs them that Juliet is in her room grieving over Tybalt's death and that she'll probably stay up there all night. But she's actually up there having sex with Romeo, confirming their marriage. Lord Capulet says that people were born to die, and Tybalt's death actually leads him to realizing that life is precious. This gives him the idea of deciding that Juliet and Paris will get married on the up coming Wednesday. Regarding the fact that he said thirty hours ago that he wanted Juliet to wait two years before getting married, he rushes into getting her and Paris married because he doesn't know when he or even Juliet will die. Lord Capulet then changes the wedding to Thursday, because he realizes that it's only Monday and that Wednesday is too early. Juliet and Paris' wedding is going to be small, because people are still morning over Tybalt's death and they don't want to disrespect it. Lord Capulet asks Paris if Thursday is a good day, and Paris responds by saying that he wishes tomorrow were Thursday. This gives us readers the idea that Paris may actually be in love with Juliet.

Explanation for song

This song is called, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones. In this song, the Rolling Stones say,"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes... you might find what you need!" I chose this song, because back in Act 1 when Paris wanted to marry Juliet, Lord Capulet told him that Juliet is too young. Lord Capulet also said that he wanted Juliet to wait two years before getting married and he wanted her to marry for love. So right then and there, Paris isn't getting what he wants. But now in Act 3 Scene 4, Lord Capulet has decided that Paris and Juliet will get married on Thursday. He is having them get married, because he wants to cheer her up since he thinks she is still grieving over Tybalt's death. Now Paris is getting exactly what he wants (marrying Juliet), even though he didn't try to get her.