The Tiger and the Monkey

By Tyler Dorsch

The Tiger and the Monkey

Once upon a time there was a great king tiger. He ruled over all the animals. He was walking down a path, he passed a starving monkey. He asked what is wrong. "I am dehydrated, and starving." The tiger felt sympathy so he gave the monkey food, water, money, and a place too sleep. A year went by and the king tiger got over powered. The monkey who was on the streets is now a big business man. One day the monkey was walking and he saw the old king on the side of the road. The recognized the monkey and said," Monkey I'm starving, can you help me please." The felt sympathy because the king helped him. The monkey gave the tiger a place to sleep, food, and money.

The End

Them or moral

The theme or moral is kindness goes around comes around