Mrs. Dondzila's Classroom News

News from the Classroom

With the conclusion of our informational writing unit, we celebrated as a class by listening to everyone read their article. Additionally, some of the articles are in the process of being officially published on, an online kids' magazine written by authors 5th-8th grade! I've encouraged all students to continue making the suggested corrections by the editor and to email me with any questions over the break!

When we return in January we will start persuasive writing. We will add responding to persuasive prompts after reading articles and formulating opinions on the topic through Google Classroom while continuing to practice informative responses as well.

For our whole group reading, we will shift from science articles to starting a new novel, Blood on the River. We will continue to build comprehension skills and practice written responses after closely reading specific passages from the text while focusing on colonization and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Our guided reading groups will shift from literature circles to studying the text structure of persuasive writing. We can then use the articles as mentor text during writer's workshop.

We concluded our science unit with ecosystem stations. One of the labs the students especially enjoyed demonstrated the flow of energy between consumers in a food web using colored water to show the transference.

Math News

After much practice with long division, it was a nice change of pace to start algebra. Once the students viewed the problems as a puzzle to solve, they enjoyed identifying number patterns and working with expressions. Looking ahead, we will begin to work with fractions using a variety of manipulatives to ensure and build a concrete understanding of the concepts.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to Emerson's mom, Denise Rock for another successful classroom party! She graciously donated the collected money to our classroom funds. I plan to save the money for a special treat later this year.

Thank you to everyone who brought treats for the party and helped out as well!

Have a wonderful winter break!


The last of the second quarter grades have been entered into Skyward. This would be a good time to log in and check your child's grades. As always, please let me know of any questions or concerns you may have.