Elephants in Captivity

Genesis Irwin 3rd

Elephants shouldn't be kept in captivity

Elephants are incredible creatures, and amazing to see in person! Sadly, they are put through a terrible life while living in zoos. These animals do not belong in exhibits for the following reasons.
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Life isn't improved

In fact, it is made way worse than it would have been in the wild.


  • High Stress levels
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Arthritis
  • Skin Issues
  • Foot disease

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Not cared for well

Elephants are very hard, even for zoos, to take care of.


  • $58,000 per elephant every year.*
Exhibits can easily cost more than $10 million

*On average, a zoo elephant lives for 16 or so years. That sums up to being almost a million dollars for it's whole life.


  • Trained in abusive ways
  • Keepers don't know a whole lot about elephant behavior

No impact in conservation

  • Captive elephants don't live full lifespan
  • Breeding programs aren't working
  • Elephants are taken from the wild to supply zoos with more elephants