Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 10, 30th September 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Monday 17th October - First Day of Term 4
  • Thursday 20th October - Pet Day
  • Monday 24th October - Labour Day
  • Friday 28th October - School Photos

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to celebrate everything that I have achieved this term

Te reo phrase of the week: kuhu mai ki roto (come inside)

Kia ora,

As we come towards the end of another successful term, much like this week’s RAISE goal, it’s important to celebrate what we’ve achieved. Our students’ sporting abilities, combined with the efforts of their committed coaches, saw us make the finals for netball, rugby, and basketball in their respective competitions.

We continued our local curriculum journey by unveiling three plaques with the help of John Hooker. Each have an amazing story on them, linked to Nga Ruahine Rangi’s history. Every classroom also focused on Aumangea Taima (Makerspace), coming up with some fantastic practical creations to a range of different problems.

Many of our students and whanau have had a bit of sickness this term, I hope the holidays gives all of our tamariki the opportunity to slow down and recharge the batteries so that they’re pumped and ready to go for Term 4. Have a fantastic time during the holidays and let’s keep our fingers crossed for some fine weather.

Matapu History Fact

On the 11th December 1936 the school closed early due to the paralysis (polio) epidemic. Early in 1937, attendance was very low as parents refused to send their children to school on account of the still prevalent polio epidemic.

Kia pai to hararei (have a wonderful holiday).

Ngå mihi nui

Term 4 Enrolment Notice (out of zone)

Enrolment at Matapu School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from our school office.

The board has determined that we have three out of zone places available at new entrant level for Term 4 2022. The deadline for out-of-zone applications is 3 pm 7th October.

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out-of-zone places is required, it will be held on Wednesday 12th October. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Kurt Parry, Board of Trustees Presiding Member

School Notices

Values Awards

Room 1 - Stefi for an excellent piece of writing for your E-Asttle.

Room 2 - Chloe for always showing integrity and honesty, Well Done!

Room 3 - Nahla for having a fantastic attitude towards learning.

Room 4 - Noah. O (absent) for showing all your values by helping others at the Taranaki Cross Country.

Room 5 - Hudson for always showing respect for others by including them, helping out around the classroom and using kind words!

Room 6 - Aaliyah for wonderful progress in all of your work. Keep it up!

School Sunhats

Reminder: School sunhats are to be worn in Term 4, all new students will receive their hat on the first day back next term.


Kei tena, kei tena, kei tena

ano tona ake ahua, tona ake mauri, tona ake mana.

Each and every one has their own uniqueness, life essence and presence.

Matapu School Parents Association

Pet Day – Thursday October 20

Pet Profiles are due back Tuesday October 18 so you can work on them during the holidays. They are available via Seesaw (if your child has lost theirs). SPA is donating the prizes again this year so we can't wait to see your entries.

Raffles: There are raffle sheets being sent home today.

Can families please donate one grocery item (can be anything) for the school grocery raffle at pet day?

There will also be a bake sale on the day, so a plate of yummy baked goods would be much appreciated.

Coming up in Term 4:

Matapu Community Garage Sale with the Hall Committee (see flyer)

Family portraits for Christmas (details to come)

Big picture

Room 1

This week we have been celebrating our term and wrapping up some of the learning experiences we have had so far. The kids and grandparents' had a great time building Rat Traps at Grandparents Day on Friday. Jake and Wade have done a fantastic job of completing the traps this week to get them ready to sell.

RAT TRAPS - $10 EACH - Available from the school office, all proceeds go towards learning projects in our school garden.

Thank you all so much for an awesome term and for all of your support so far. I can’t wait to take these kids to camp next term. Please remember to get your forms back into Emma by the end of term, if you need another copy please let me know.

Room 2

How absolutely fantastic to welcome Grandparents to our kura! So wonderful to see such eagerness and community spirit! As the term draws to a close, we reflect and celebrate a term with great learning. Having the new MakerSpace added such a wonderment to our learning.

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and create some new holiday memories.

Room 3

This week Room 3 have been practising managing our time as we have worked independently through a choice board to investigate how everyday life has changed for people from in the past. We have been able to discuss ways in which time and change affect people and to share important events in our own lives and relate them to similar events of older members of our families.

We have had reflection time to recognise and celebrate our achievements of the term and are looking forward to the new learning challenges of the next term.

Room 4

What a great last week of Term 3! We finished our descriptive writing about wētā by publishing them on the Pages app. We used the drawing tools to create an image of a wētā too. Our Aumangea Taima challenge was to create a toy that uses magnetism to move. Some children chose to use magnets to repel and some chose to use magnets to attract. Have a great holiday everyone, see you next term!

Room 5

Room 5 absolutely loved Grandparents' Day on Friday. It was so lovely to meet everyone and the kids enjoyed showing their family what we have done in Room 5 this year. This week we have been reflecting on all of the awesome things we have achieved. Room 5 have become artists and have been learning to draw, they are using the iPads for animation and creating tally graphs for maths. Have a wonderful holiday break!

Room 6

Another term has ended and it is time for our tamariki to rest and refuel ready for Term 4.

During the week we had some wonderful students from Room 3 come to our class to help us learn how to link work in Keynote. They took photos of everybody, asked about successes from this term, then they showed us how to link the picture with that child’s writing to make our class presentation. A great example of buddy learning!

Our letter this week was Yy - it is a good one to go over in the holidays as there is a tendency to get the sound mistaken with Ww. As you get out and about in the car it’s a great time to practise sounds, counting forward and back, playing I-Spy, blending and segmenting sounds to make words etc… will keep learning going in a fun way.

Enjoy the holidays, look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks!

Community Notices

Big picture


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