Fiji's Rainbow Reef


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Are you on the look out for a relaxing and calming vacation? Are you looking to bask in the luxury of nature? Then come to Fiji's Rainbow Reef where you can connect to the ocean, the Earth, and the magic of Fiji. Look at the bottom of the sea floor, through the crystal clear water, harboring life to an exotic reef, abundant with fish, coral, and other sea beauties.

Vactions all I ever wanted!

Location: Fiji

This island of Fiji features exciting beauty, lushes plant life, white sand beaches, and the wonder of life. The jungle stands tall here, surrounding volcanoes and newly brought in hotels. Enjoy exotic dishes such as: Cedar Planked Teriyaki Salmon, Garlic Chile Roasted Dungeness Crabs, and Lobster Spring Rolls! This is also an ideal destination for divers, snorkelers and lovers!

Accommodations: You can rest soundly in authentic hotels, pool side relaxation, and exquisite scenery!

Passport Requirement: Needed

Before visiting this island, one must be vaccinated four to six weeks before coming. These vaccines are for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. Please keep away from wild animals, eat and drink safely, and do Not wonder too far in the jungle. Please reduce germ exposure and keep items safe and secure along with yourself.

I Love Fiji!

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