Local Earth Update


What is the Greenhouse effect?

The natural Green house effect is when gases in the atmosphere absorbs heat from the sun making the atmosphere warm. The way it works is first, solar energy comes from the sun and enters the atmosphere of Earth. After, the Earths surface takes in the solar energy and gives off the energy as heat, some gases present in the atmosphere absorb heat that was given off Earths surface. Then lastly, gases radiate the heat they absorb and heat the atmosphere making the Earth warm.

What is Anthropogenic Greenhouse effect?

Anthropogenic is manufactured by humans by burning fossil fuels, deforestation, pollution. This has increased rapidly over time causing the world to be more warm than before.
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How have humans accelerated the Greenhouse effect?

Humans have accelerated the green house effect by producing too much carbon dioxide, more than necessary. Excess CO2 can trap heat, making the Earth warmer. Climate change can effect a lot of the world, for example our health. Air pollution can harm our lungs because of the polluted air. Climate change can also effect our water supplies, with increasing temperatures more droughts can happen. Not only can climate change effect humans, but also animals. Polar bears are losing their homes because increasing temperatures.

Affects on Daily

Climate change can effect...:

  • Food. Prices can increase. Climate change makes it difficult to maintain specific conditions for crops.
  • Water. Climate change causes change in precipitation, some areas might experience droughts. Water scarcity, people might be asked to consume less water and water bills will increase.
  • Natural wonders. It is always nice to see nature, but we are losing so much of the Earth's natural beauty due to climate change and human activities. We are losing coral reefs, tropical islands' ability to protect itself, Amazon rainforest, Mount Everest and so much more. It is scary to see how much this world has started with and how much of it is slowly dying.

What to do?

Some things you can do to lower your carbon footprint would be like...

  • Walk or bike. Do not drive somewhere if its close by, it's a waste of gas and also harms the environment with pollution.
  • Carpool. If you're going to the same place with your friends, do not go separate, instead share a car.
  • Watch your water usage. When you are not using water from the tap, turn it off.
  • Turn off lights. After you leave a room, simply just turn off the lights. It is a better idea to replace your light bulbs to LED.
  • Turn off your T.V. When you are done watching, turn it off. Do not waste electricity.