How to beat depression

How to beat depression

Mind is very cryptic part of the life. People, who are very concerned about their physical existence that is not, concerned enough about their mind. Mind is only witness between life and demise. Other circumstances rather than existence of mind will be valueless in the secular world. It is very capricious and makes a difference between happiness and sorrows. Sadness is a mood of mind like happiness. It is only a receiving tendency of mind that takes some signals from its ambiance. I think reaction of its surroundings whether it is in its favor or not. If it is not, mind becomes desolated is getting depressed gradually. Actually it is totally mind related subject. So, it is very difficult for controlling it. So, in this situation they want to forget their past.

Depression is a term that creates phobia in the mind of people, is the feelings of sadness. When people passing their bad situation and thinking its effects in their mind repeatedly and the feelings of such a bad situation remain in their mind for a long time and affect their daily activities and natural moments. They might fall in depression then it may be dangerous for them as it might have taken the shape of depression. Depression is a cause of mental illness and also responsible for various kinds of physical and emotion problems.

There are so many symptoms of depression like insomnia, reluctance of eating, indecision problem, loosing self control desultory and so many. It is not easy to get rid of depression but it can be placated gradually that is why it requires time and mental support from their family and others. It is very true that depression does not come at one night. So, it can’t be vanished rapidly. Depression is a certain level of mind where mind is isolated from its real existence. No one can reduce depression 100% rather all of us have to go with depression. Some particular steps can keep good contribution to reduce depression.

Muse is a very essential step to reduce depression rather than medicine. Medicine is not an ultimate solution because people can be addicted after taking drug to reduce for a long time. Now-a-days expert refer to muse for pacifying depression. Muse is an only process that can deviate mind from that level where it feels sorrows and circulate its bad past. For example, if any one muses at silent place and contemplate about positive incidents of his life like a good moment of his favorite person, a favorite still picture, think what he like most, think what a beautiful life we have? Beside this, we can muse by thinking Jesus. How beautiful our Jesus is! God is almighty and very kind to us. By circulating those incidents in our mind, our mind can be reached at level of happiness and feel a divine moment.

Narcissism is another way to reduce depression. When man feels love for himself, he/she can’t commit to do bad works that might insult him/her to be depressed. These feelings can help us not to be drug addicted because addiction of drugs can be a reason of demise.

There is no alternative way to counseling. Counseling is an only way that can take the mind of depressed people to the fine stage. At first we have to tell those of depressed people that a winner never quits if he stumbles on the way”. As a winner we have to forget our bad past and create self motivation to start our life to the good at full speed.

To beat mental depression you will need strong mentality and Strong desire. Family consciousness, proper counseling, broaden our outlook is must for beating depression. For this mass awareness can be increased. Finally we have to augment our capability of oblivion and take control of our life to go ahead.