Expectations of Teachers

Sanobia Stone

Ethical Responsibilities

  • Commitment to the students: Protect the students from unsafe environments
  • Teachers will maintain an appropriate relationship with the students
  • Teachers must grade and give the correct grade for the work submitted

Legal Responsibilities

  • Teachers must keep students information confidential
  • Teachers must make sure the environment is kept safe
  • Teachers must talk to the students in a proper manner

Rubrics for Teachers

  • Developing: teachers must demonstrate growth toward their standards
  • Proficient: teachers must demonstrate basic competence on standard performance
  • Accomplished: Teacher exceed basic competence on standards most of the time
  • Distinguished: Teacher consistently and significantly exceed basic competence on standard performance
  • Not Demonstrated: Teacher did not demonstrate competence on standard of performance

Growth Opportunities

There are many opportunities for growth in the state of North Carolina for teachers and students. There are many areas that are getting rezone to increase the score grades and provide better teachers in the area.

Not Passing the Evaluation

If a teacher is evaluated a "Not Demonstrated" the principal must explain the reason for the evaluation. The teacher is also given a development plan and goals are written down for the teacher to meet.


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