"Born Worker"

By: Gary Soto

Meet the Chararcters

Jose is a hardworking boy. Other people say that he was just born a worker. Jose isn't a coward like his cousin, Arnie. Jose is willing to help when someone is in danger. His mom stitches a machine all day, while his dad works at a telephone company.

Arnie is completely different from Jose. Arnie is spoiled because he is in the middle class. Whenever there is an accident, he would run away because he doesn't want to be blamed.

Conflict the Characters Face

The main conflict that the characters face was when Mr. Clemens falls into the swimming pool and hit his head. Jose went to help him, but Arnie wanted to run away. Jose called 911, and soon he heard the sirens. When the firetruck came a little later, Arnie comes telling the that he told Mr. Clemens not to