Coco Chanel

By Hanna Martin

Basic Information

Full name: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

Date of birth: August 19th, 1883

Date of death: January 10th, 1971

Hometown: Saumur, France

Last residency: Paris, France

Education and Business Experiences

  • She went to an orphanage that was ran by nuns in Aubazine until she was 17.
  • She then continued school at a convent school in Moulins.
  • This is where she learned how to sew.
  • After school, she started to work as an assistant at a shop that sold wedding outfits, baby clothes, and everyday clothes for girls when she was 20.
  • She wanted to be higher than just an assistant and decided she wanted to own her own business.
  • She opened her first store in 1913 and she is one of the most known designers of her time period.

Interesting Facts

1. She was put in an orphanage by her father after her mother died. The nuns there taught her how to sew which is what eventually led to her success.

2. She had an affair with a German Nazi Spy. There was rumors that she was a spy as well. This all led to her closing her stores in 1939 due to controversy because of her affair.

3. She was the first person ever to name her perfume she designed after herself.


April 11, 1913- Opened first shop; given by Arthur Capel

April 11, 1921- Most expensive perfume of her time; combination of 80 scents which is what made it expensive; first perfume named after the designer herself

April 11, 1926- Created the “The Little Black Dress” due to not knowing what to wear to the theater one night

April 12, 1939- Closed up shops due to controversy with the war at the time and her affair with a German spy

November 14, 1957- Won the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award

List of products created

Costume jewelry

Little black dress

Chanel suit


Faux pearls