Created by:Malorie & Jessie

our 3 physical features are......

Girewol Volcano------Patara beach------alrca...-Malorie

climate- Jessica Ham

The best time to go to Turkey is during the spring. If you cant go during the spring go during the Autam.

goverment - Jessie Ham

Type of goverment: Democracy

Role Of Citizins: Right To Life


one holiday is ramand feast---- and a tradition is village dances----Baklava:sweet pastry---and the language is Turkish---and one religion is Muslam----the schools are privite or homeschool---and a sport is vollyball.

econmy-Jessie Ham

Economy-Economic system-lira Literacy Rate- 98.3% GDP per capita- 10,971.66 Population- 74.93 million imports- key market exports-transfer equitment and manufactured goods.

i wanna visit turkey because........

We wanna visit because it looked and sounds cool!!