Mrs. Dickau's Classroom News

For the week of February 25

Upcoming Dates

February 28- Book Project are due
March 7 - NWEA Reading Test

March 7 - Science Fair

March 8 - No School Teacher Prep Day

March 12- Two Hour Late Start

March 13 - NWEA Math Test


We are eagerly waiting to see the creativity of our classmates. We have many different projects coming in next week. Your child should have finished or nearly finished their book. This week would be the week to be working on their project.

Each child received their individual presentation date today. Please ask you child what day their presentation will be.


We continue to practice the Essential Learning Outcomes for 4th grade. Everyday we do something called FLASH FACE. During FLASH FACE we practice vocabulary and skills in both Reading and Math with our Carpet Partner

What's Happening in Math Right Now?

We are deep into fractions and plan to take the Unit 7 test on Friday the 22nd.

Our Goals are:

* Solve "fraction of" problems - 1/4 of 8 or 1/3 of 9

* Finding equivalent fractions - 2/3, 4/6, 8/12

* Comparing Fractions- Who is bigger? 1/4 or 1/10

* Solving multiplication problems like 24 * 36 = n

* Solving division problems like 492/7

What to practice on-line

We are focusing on word problems and In-put/ Out-put rules. The following practice exercises are good places to start : B9, C7, D9

Unit 5 Week 5



Spelling Core Words Unit 22: ice, ship, themselves, begin, fact

Unit 5 Week 5

Reading Theme: Wild Horses

Reading Vocabulary Words: descendants, sanctuary, glistening, threatened, coaxing, fragile, habitat

Reading Strategy: Context Clues & Monitoring Comprehension

Reading Skills: Cause and Effect

Grammar Skill: Comparing with Good and Bad

Writing Lesson: Scientific Observation

If you receive this Newsletter...

If you receive this newsletter, please ask your child to respond to this email by replying to the following questions via email or on paper.
1. Use 3 adjectives to describe our school
2. What is 1/5 of 20?

Thank you!