Geography of Southern Africa

By: Rhea- 1

Namib Desert

The Namib dessert is a dessert that reaches to the north-west. This dessert stretches 1,200 miles along the Atlantic coast in Namib in Angola. The Namib dessert is important for it's mining resources like tungsten, salt, and diamonds. This desert is also one of south Africa's main deserts.
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Cape of Good Hope

The cape of good hope is a cape that belongs in the southernmost part of Africa. The cape is a point on the Atlantic coast of Africa. The cape is very important because it is near the water and may people believe that this cape used to be the cape of storms where ships are going around in the water.
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Kalahari Dessert

This is a desert called the Kalahari desert that falls under southwestern Botswana. This desert makes up rolling, red sands and low thorny shrubs. This is a very important land of where human living is very hard but yet many groups have settled over there and can live happily. These groups are like the San, Kung, Khomani, Khios, Nama, and Griqua.
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Zambezi River

The Zambezi river is a river that is one of southern Africa's longest river. This is a river that goes through six countries on it's way from the center of Africa to the Indian ocean. This river is also very important because it holds many different kinds of species of. Also this river comes along the great, Victoria Falls that is a great natural beauty.
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Victoria Falls

This is Victoria Falls, one of Africa's natural beauty that is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. These falls are simply a waterfall on the Zambezi River and is on the border of Zambia Zimbabwe but the waterfall is beauty. It is very important because it was discovered by Dr. David Livingstone and he had named the falls after Queen Victoria.
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