OIDA Art Therapy Course

A weekend for self-care, connection and healing through art

Oida Therapy is a journey within

This art therapy weekend will help us connect with ourselves. It wil mark the deep negative aspects of our system of attitudes and beliefs which do not allow us to express our full potential. We will go deeper into our inner selves, discovering a treasure map for a journey to the core of our heart, to those forgotten corners of our self, where joy, peace, and integrity resides. We will recover the relationship with our Inner Guide, following the belief that the universe is and always will be on our side.


~ Personal Freedom
~ The interior mirror
~ Clothes of the soul
~ Root and Wings
~ Inner Guide

~ Expressive art therapy, painting, working with clay, writing, movement, music, theater
~ Intuitive games
~ Meditations
~ Healing Circle
~ Mandalas
~ Activities in nature


PetIa Gieva: psychologist, therapist

Desislava Baneva: art therapist, group facilitator

More info here: http://oida.bg/team/en


We will have the cozy and creative space of Trinity Retreat House in Apriltsi (180 km from Sofia). Every corner there is created in a unique style - artistic and comfortable.
Our wonderful hosts there will prepare for you a rich combination of foods. The menu will include smoothies with superfoods, various fruits, fresh salads, soups, main dishes and delicious homemade bread.


Early booking until 5th March: 110euro
Bookings after 5th March: 128euro

The price includes:
1. All practices, meditations and materials for the art classes
2. Vegetarian, ayurvedic menu - two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners
3. Two nights in Trinity Retreat House
4. Optional individual personal consultation with the facilitators after the course


First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG78FINV91501016782986


Paypal: oida.enthusiasts@gmail.com

more info at

+359888267244 (Dessy) or +359884292446 (Petia) or oida.enthusiasts@gmail.com

About OIDA Art Therapy

OIDA Art Therapy involves various creative and expressive activities as a tool for healing our faith and beliefs, so we can understand better our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intentions related to various aspects of our lives. In this way we can get reconnected with our personal needs and be more caring for the people and environment around us, establishing and strengthening a relationship with The Divine and divinity.

This course will help us acquire new knowledge, skills and values ​​by opening a possibility for experience, a time for reflection and understanding of faith in a new level.