Nik's Smore

2 abstract poems

2 abstract poems

Craziness is rainbow colored.

It tastes like a firework exploding in my mouth.

It smells like fire.

It reminds me of Toronto after a hockey game.

It sounds like burning buildings.

Craziness makes me feel like running.

Happiness is orange coloured.

It tastes like hash browns.

It smells like hash browns cooking.

It reminds me of hash browns.

It sounds like hash browns sizzling.

Happiness makes me feel like eating hashbrowns.

The Ice Rink

I open the gate to the ice, while the crowd is going wild. They chanted NIK, NIK, NIK over and over again. I step on the ice and I see in the stans four girls faint just because they saw me. I look at the opposite side of the ice and see our arch rivals. At warm up I grab the puck and shoot. it hits the crossbar the sound of the puck hitting the crossbar made the crowd go berzerk. I shoot again and it goes right in the top right corner. After that the ref blew the whistle and told everyone to get ready for the puck drop. Then I skated to the center of the ice and the ref dropped the puck, I grab the puck skate down the ice deke one player then deke the goalie and shoot it in the top right corner. the rest of the game was pretty close until 5 minutes left in the 3rd there best player grabbed the puck and shot it right into the net. It went into overtime, I win the faceoff one of my teammates skated down the ice with the puck passed it to me, I shoot and it goes right between the goalie's legs. that was the first time we beat them in two months.

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