Michelle Obama

(One of the most powerful women in the world)

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Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States, also the wife of our current president (Barack Obama). Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois.



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Michelle and her husband volunteered in homeless shelters and soup kitchens during Obama's first year of presidency. She has supported the organic food movement, she told the White House to prepare only organic food for guests and her family. She worked with some fifth graders to plant a 1,100 square foot garden of fresh organic vegetables. She also made it her top priority to end childhood obesity. She created a new fitness program and got many kids excited about a new sport. All her contributions and accomplishments have made a very positive impact on obese children and inspired more to eat healthy.

5 Interesting Facts

1. She made it into the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed two times in a row, as well as People Magazine's.

2. Michelle and her brother older brother Craig both skipped second grade.

3. Michelle and her brother Craig were mistaken commonly as twins in a younger age.

4. By sixth grade, Michelle was attending gifted classes.

5. In 1989, she met Barack Obama, a summer intern where she was assigned as an advisor and initially she refused to date Barack Obama, but eventually the later on fell in love.

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