LSE 1st Grade

Barb Storey and Betsy Michaelis

Dates to Remember

5/6 6 pm Summer Math and Reading Night followed by the movie Frozen

5/9 7:30 am My Fair Lady PTA Breakfast

5/23 Field Day

5/26 No School--Memorial Day

5/29 Last Day of School--Early Release Day

Weekly Homework

  • Read 20 minutes at least 4 days a week
  • Practice sight words
  • Practice math facts
  • Practice spelling words

Spelling Words Week of May 5-9









Lunch Accounts

We are nearing the end of school, so starting this week, any student with a negative balance of more than $4 will be given a cheese sandwich for lunch. We hate to see this happen so please, pay off any negative balances!

Animal Reports

Be sure to ask your students about the animal reports we are working on at school. They have been researching books and online to gather information. It has been fun to see them get so excited about their research!


Our first graders have been working on the Chromebooks. We have been learning how to type documents and even how to attach pictures to our documents. They are so excited about using the Chromebooks! In the LSR7 school district, all students are given a Google account. We are using Google Docs in our classes. The exciting thing about Google Docs is that students can access the documents they work on at school any place. If your child would like to continue to work on a writing piece he has started at school, he can log in to his Google account at home. Most of the students have learned their log in but I am providing the format here in case they forget.


Password: FIRSTINITIALlastinitiallunchnumber

Example Jane Smith with a birthday of June 26, and lunch number 1234567: (log in)

Js1234567 (password)