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January: M-5 Differentiation and and Personalization

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What does Differentiation and Personalization Look Like?

  • Data driven small group instruction
  • Multi- mode lesson plans (kinesthetic, visual, etc.)
  • Student choice
  • E/I time
  • MTSS Process
  • Data Trackers

How can we achieve this at Rocky River?

At Rocky River, we incorporate small group instruction in almost every aspect of our instructional day. If we are reflective and strategic about how we form our small groups, we can really differentiate the mini lessons and activities for our students. The key to this is DATA. We need to be reflective practitioners,constantly evaluate student achievement, and embrace fluid grouping.

Our E/I time frame is an excellent opportunity to incorporate differentiation and personalization. For example, this is a time for our high flyers to be given personalized choice boards or PBL's that are extension activities from previously taught units. Some students could also be receiving personalized remediation in either 1:1 or small groups to reteach certain skills that were not mastered previously.

For our 2-3 students, Google classroom is a great resource to provide personalized lessons. In this, you have the ability to create small groups and assign personalized activities. Students can work at their own pace or collaboratively.

Conferencing with students and setting individual goals with Data Trackers provides personalized learning, so that students are "in the loop" with their strengths and weaknesses.

This Month's Challenge

E/I time is a perfect example of what differentiated/ personalized instruction should look like. Use the Community Sharing Calendar to sign up for folks to come and see what you are doing during that time, and how you organize it. Those who participate will be entered into a drawing to win surprise:)

**Need help planning E/I activities? Sign up to have Mrs. Cook help out! **

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Tech Tools

December M-4 Data Driven Instruction

At RRES, we have SGI's who are providing our students with both enrichment and remediation according to teacher and student data.

Media Updates!!!!

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Let's Research!

There are so many resources and research tools available for our students to use! Sometimes it can be overwhelming to integrate something new by yourself. Ask Ms. Jayne for help! She's here to help you become familiar with our resources and ready to tackle a new activity! Sign up HERE and get started:)

The Media Center is Available!

Ms. Jayne and Mrs. Kouwe would love to have visitors come and set up camp in the Rocky River Media Center. There is plenty of space for students to come and work on projects, do some research, or even enjoy some DEAR time. Email Ms. Jayne for times available and take advantage of all that the media center has to offer.

S.O.S. Strategies

We have discussed this resource before, but this is a great quick reference to 100 of these strategies. *Make sure to log into Discovery Ed before, so that you can access them.