Assistive Technology

Screen readers and screen magnifiers

My experience with assistive technology

Unfortunately my experience with assistive technology is very limited. I have not used it in any of my practicum experiences. I have however heard of many of them: speech recognition software, TTY/TTD conversions, Braille tools, and speech recognition software. I chose to research screen magnifiers, and screen readers. Both are used for those with visual impairments. Screen readers and screen magnifiers could be discribed as tools to enhance environmental interactions, and communication for those with those that are blind, visually impaired, illiterate, or learning disabled,

Benefits of screen readers and screen magnifiers

benefits for students

Screen readers allows students access to communication, the use of technology implementation, the ability to search the web, create documents, and increase social interactions with their peers. Screen magnifiers allow students to see the computer screen and access information provided on it. It allows them to be included in the general education classroom and gives them the freedom to feel like part of the group, and they don't have to view their disabilities as differences that keep them isolated. Both are great tools for any school to have. The benefits far out weight the cost.