TEKSbank Update

Spring 2021

What's new in TEKSbank?

New SLAR items & passages grades 3-5

In the fall of last year we were able to add 2nd grade SLAR to our list of offerings. This Spring we are ready to add thousands of items to grades 3-5. Starting with 5th grade, you should start to see these items available in TEKSbank over the next few months with completion by this fall. We are so excited to be able to provide our SLAR classrooms with these valuable instructional resources!

Math and Social Studies 1-1

In addition to our SLAR items, we are continuing to translate all of our elementary items in order to have 1-1 English and Spanish items. Math and social studies will be complete by fall of 2021 providing thousands of new items for our bilingual classrooms!

Audits for all grade levels and content areas

This year, the TEKSbank team is continuing our annual audits of the bank in order to drive our item development. Priorities are determined using state assessment data to ensure educators have adequate items for assessing hard-to-teach, hard-to-learn standards. Our auditors look to ensure all standards have sufficient items that are tightly aligned to the standards in a variety of interaction types.

ELAR Focus Assessments

New ELAR Focus Assessments for reading and writing are in development for the 2021-2022 school year. We hope these Focus Assessments have been a great value to teachers and students, and we are proud to provide you with assessments of NEW standards for the upcoming school year!

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TEKSbank Overview

TEKSbank is an online bank of test questions and resources developed to provide educators with items aligned with the content and rigor of the TEKS. Items can be used to support the design of a variety of assessments including district assessments and teacher-created formative and summative assessments.

  • TEKSbank has over 46,000+ items for use on locally created assessments.
  • TEKSbank includes items for grade 2-11 and Spanish items for grades 2-5.

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